Discover the James Guides

Discover the James prides itself on quality programming.  The number one element of a good program is a good guide/instructor.   Whether it's a guided fishing trip, a Kids Fishing Party, Eagle Tour, or discovery trip on the river learning about the Civil War you can expect a respectful, on-time, knowledgeable guide.

Discover the James is proud to announce the following instructional guides:


The photo's stories?  To the left:  Dr. Fly, guide Anderw Campbell was a Discover the James favorite, but now, Dr. Fly has moved on and working as a guide in North Carolina. Here, Dr. Fly poses with a young fishemen just below Williams Dam. Today, the two current guides remain Capt. Mike and Billy Nicar. Billy has been working this area of the river for over ten years now, and knows all the holes, nooks and crannies.