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"Discover the James" is a great way to enjoy the outdoors. Over 24 years in business, Capt. Mike has worked with a number of organizations and ran a variety of educational and inspirational eco-tours. Today, he features a Bald Eagle Tour that brings in bird watchers and photographers from around the globe. It took a few years of guiding on the river before Capt. Mike realized there was nowhere else he wanted to be but the James River, hence the name change from the James River Fishing School to Discover the James.

Whether you already enjoy wildlife watching and history, or maybe you are looking for a passion that includes the outdoors, you will enjoy time on the water with Capt. Mike and the wildlife surrounding the area he works in called Jefferson's Reach. To read a blog about Jefferson's Reach, click here.

My goal is to offer inspirational outings, and to continue developing a better understanding of the local envrionment. My pledge is to educate and enlighten while maintaining a safe & enjoyable atmosphere on the wonderful resource, that today, we call the James River (400 years ago it was called the Powhatan Flu). 

The following links are resources for further information:  

Top, left photo:  From the DDT lows of the 1970's, the James River today has over 233 pair of resident bald eagles that call the James River and it's tributaries home.  This image is one of Discover the James' favorite eagles, Bandit.  
-- Photo by Bob Schamerhorn.  To see more of Bob's work, click here.
To the right, photo:  The James River, looking east. This photo was taken near the Richmond Yacht Basin, which is the upriver end of a portion of the river called Jefferson's Reach. The image shows the river as it has looked for as long as the river has been viewed by human inhabitants.  
-- Photo by Discover the James.