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Two & Three Hour Bald Eagle Tours

The James River runs through it ... through the City of Richmond and just minutes downriver is an incredible opportunity to see resident bald eagles in their natural habitat. The pontoon boat tour, offering both two and three hour tours, takes you into the midst of an ecosystem rich with wildlife, history and beautiful scenery. Discover the James' Bald Eagle Tour takes you through a 6-mile stretch of the James River known as Jefferson's Reach, encompassing eight territories of resident bald eagles.

Resident eagles do not migrate and live within their territories all year long. During the year, two additional populations of bald eagles migrate into the area. In May, summer migratory bald eagles, from the south (mainly Florida), arrive and these eagles are gone by the end of September. In mid November, winter migratory eagles arrive from the north and stay into February, then return to their breeding grounds. 

Discover the conservation success story of the breeding bald eagle population on the James River, where forty-six years ago, in 1975, they were extirpated (locally extinct). Their comeback began in 1979-1980 when a single pair came back and had a successful breeding season. Today, over 340 pair of resident bald eagles call the James River watershed home, making it the site of the greatest comeback of the bald eagle in the entire North American continent. That's awesome!  

Ride aboard the Discovery Barge II, a comfortable 24-foot covered pontoon boat and experience majestic bald eagles closer than you may have ever seen them.  


3-Hour Eagle Tours.  Cost:  $140 per person - 2022 Tours Fully Booked

     -- 2023 Tours --

March 16, Thursday, 7:00-10:00am

March 23, Thursday, 7:00-10:00am

April 6, Thursday, 7:00-10:00am

May 11, Thursday, 7:00-10:00am

May 18, Thursday, 7:00-10:00am

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2-Hour Eagle Tours.  Cost: $95 per person 

     -- 2023 Tours --

March 15, Wednesday, 7:00-9:00am (one spot left)

April 17, Monday, 7:00-9:00am

April 25, Tuesday, 7:00-9:00am (one spot left) & 9:30-11:30am

April 28, Friday, 7:00-9:00am

May 22, Monday, 7:00-9:00am

June 10, Saturday, 7:00-9:00am & 9:30-11:30am

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For more information or to book an Eagle Tour: 
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Top header image:  This is Bandit, a resident bald eagle, perched on a limb.  Bandit has an incredible story of survival and persistence. She hatched over one thousand miles away in 2005. And now, at sixteen and a half years old, she is a little over half her life span, as bald eagles live to be about 25-30 years in the wild.
--Photo by Marlene Frazier
Lower center:  Bandit is undoubtedly one of the most photographed eagles in Jefferson's Reach. Through poor nest buidling skills and powerful storms her nest has fallen at least seven times since November 2009.  In this image she is hunting in her territory, flying around, looking for fish.  Often times when they land after flying around the river they will call out, loudly. It's an amazing sound. Don't get fooled by most commercials with bald eagles ... the bald eagle is paired with the call of a red tailed hawk. To hear what a bald eagle sounds like, click here.
-- Photo by Bob Jones Jr.
What do people have to say about our Eagle Tours?
"Thank You for a great time!  Myself, my wife and my daughter had the pleasure of taking your Bald Eagle Tour Sunday morning. It far exceeded my expectations.  We've lived in the Richmond area for 20+ years and the Bald Eagle Tour is easily in the Top 5 things to do around town. I haven't stopped telling people about it."
-- Jimmy J.
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