Private Bald Eagle Tour

Private Bald Eagle Tour

Discover the James' incredible population of resident bald eagles on a unique Private Bald Eagle Tour. Experience the incomparable James River in the company of bald eagles and depending on the time of year see osprey, Atlantic sturgeon, great blue heron and the deep history of the area. Ride aboard the Discovery Barge II, a comfortable 24' pontoon boat. The boat is partially covered and can maneuver in close where wildlife and history lays hidden along the banks of the river.

Very close to downtown Richmond exists an ecosystem rich with wildlife and highlighted by the conservation success story of the bald eagle. In 1975, there were no resident breeding bald eagles on the James River. Today, there are over 350 pair within the James River's watershed.

Enjoy this tour with your camera in hand as you travel into the midst of the greatest comeback of the bald eagle in the entire continent. Learn the eagle's stories and enjoy their majestic presence first hand.

Binoculars and bottled water are available.  A small pop-up head (bathroom) is onboard. 

Call or email to book a custom date and time.

Trip cost is good for up to four passengers. Additional charges for up to six passengers.

        2-Hr Tour:  $380 up to four people.  Add a fifth or sixth passenger: $40 ea.
        3-Hr Tour:  $540 up to four people.  Add a fifth or sixth passenger: $50 ea.
For more information or to book a Private River Tour:
Contact Capt. Mike at 804-938-2350 or


Top photo: Sunrise on the James, looking east over Curles Neck Swamp. --Photo by Capt. Mike Ostrander
Bottom right photo: This is Bandit, one of the resident bald eagles of the James River. She Just like all animals, eagles need to drink water and I managed to capture a photo many years ago of Bandit grabbing a couple of sips before flying off.  
--Photo by Capt. Mike Ostrander