Discover the James News

Over the years I have been fortunate to work with a few writers around the state on issues related to the James River ... mostly fishing, but there have been a few about eagles.  The following are a few articles about the James River's wildlife, history and fishing.   Enjoy.

The Photo's stories?  Above, Left:  This sunrise is not a typical sunrise on the James.  It has a flavor of something special, but believe me ... all sunrises have some special quality be it just the glow of a cloudless morning or the spectacular cloud formations, colors and reflextion of a windless river ... as in this image.  --Photo by Capt. Mike

Right:  This was an epic battle between man and fish.  Here, Ralph was battling a huge catfish while the river began to rise.  We fished near downtown, and between the time he hooked the fish and landed the fish, the river litterally rose over 1.5 feet!  For every ten feet of line reeled in, twenty feet of line was pulled out by the great fish.  We never saw the fish before getting it to the net, and when it was finally landed, after almost an hour, Ralph was done.  Not because he was tired, but because he said, "I don't know how we could ever top this."  He set the rod down, and I'm not sure if he's fished since that day or not.  -- Photo by Capt. Mike

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