Private Bald Eagle Tours


Private Bald Eagle Tour

Whether you have a group of photogrphers or family and friends, booking the whole boat to experience bald eagles in their natural habitat along the James is a special way to Discover the James. This trip is good for up to six passengers. You'll ride aboard the Discover Barge II, a 24-foot pontoon boat and experience majestic bald eagles closer than you may have ever seen them. 

Close to downtown Richmond, on the James River exists an ecosystem rich with wildlife and highlighted by the conservation success story of bald eagles. Forty-three years ago there were no resident-breeding bald eagles on the James, and today there are over 280 pair. This tour takes you into the midst of five of those pair, as we travel through their territories sharing stories of their lives, facts about bald eagles all the while enjoying the incredible conservation success story.

Enjoy this tour with your camera in hand or just enjoy the James' natural beauty. Let Capt. Mike's experience lead you to the resident bald eagles, often times up close for incredible photography and viewing opportunities.

          2-hour Tour:  $300
          3-hour Tour:  $435
4-hour Tour:  $550
For up six passengers.
Water and binoculars provided.

To Book a Private Eagle Tour:

Contact Capt. Mike at 804-938-2350 or



Customized Gift Certificates are available for 2-Hour Private Eagle Tours 
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Top image:  This bald eagle is one of Jefferson Reach's finest bald eagles and her name is Bandit, who has an incredible story.  Briefly ... she was born in 2005. Her journey began in Birmingham, AL with a quick stop in Pigeon Forge, TN and ultimately choosing the James River in Richmond, VA as her permanent home in 2009, just after she became an adult.  As of January 2015, Bandit had been fighting another female eagle for over three years protecting her territory and finally, in the late winter and spring of 2015, Bandit and her third mate, Trey, were able to have a sucessful breeding season. Bandit's first successful breeding season in six tries (six years). Their offspring's name was Dolly ... to find out why she was named Dolly, click here.
--Photo by Lynda Richardson