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I've often said, "I'm just a fisherman with an art degree."  Discover the James evolved from my love of fishing and the rest happened, like the way art happens.  In 2001, when I started working on the river towards becomming a full time fishing guide, my focus was the fish, the bait, the lures, and of course the people onboard my boat.  It's always been about the people.  But as time passed, my pallate became broader and I started to include more wildlife and history. 

After 19 years as a proffessional guide on the James River, I've slowly gone back to my roots as an artist.  For the past several years, I've been working with pastels and doing more with the photographs I had taken on the river over the entire time on it.  Below is the beginninng of where I hope to stay for a very long time, working  on the James River, sharing a passion and making art.

Capt. Mike Ostrander











"Jefferson's Reach"

I love to work with pastels and take photographs of the early morning light on the James River. Jefferson's Reach is a place where I've created a life, full-time on the James River.  For the story of Jefferson's Reach, click here.

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"Curles Neck, Timeless Sunrise"

This pastel celebrates an incredibly historical spot, Curles Neck.  I find myself in this area on the James, often, in the early morning.  Curles Neck is a large, beautiful tract of land located on the eastern end of Henrico County on the James River.  On the western side of Curles Neck, it has a long stretch, where the early light often inspires the thoughts of Virginia Indians, early English settlers and events like Bacon's Rebellion, all of which happened here on Curles Neck.  

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"Entrance to Jefferson's Reach"

This photograph shows the light of the very early morning sky, and reflections on the river of the old channel, that wraps around Hatcher Island (trees on the right).  To the left, hidden in the shadows is the Richmond Yacht Basin, my home base on the river for the last 19 years.

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