Eagle Update: Father's Day 2011

Eaglet Update, June 19, 2011.  Father's Day.  Today was a magical day on the river, and rightfully so on Father's Day.  We saw two more of this year's eaglets make an appearance for the first time.  Varina & Enon's eaglet flew out of the trees and over the river, then back into the forested south bank of the river. The bird made a brief appearance, but a special one.  On the boat, I had a family of five bringing out their father/husband on a surprise Bald Eagle Tour. They came from about two hours away, and the adult eagles and eaglets put on a show for them, but it was a highlighted by the young eagles.  Varina & Enon's offspring was named 'Buckbeak' by the family on board.  A different name, but a great name, nonetheless.  

Not only did we see Varina & Enon's eaglet for the first time, but we also saw Rebecca & John's eaglet for the first time as well.  Rebecca & John's eaglet was flying around the old river channel, just north of the Jones Neck cut through.  It was an amazing site as she would fly from tree to tree, landing and taking off, flying around her new playground. It was as if she was practicing take offs and landings.  One of the adults was flying around near her, paying just enough attention to key an eye out, but keeping a fair distance away.  This young bird remains unnamed at this point.  Perhaps a new name will be given on Tuesday morning's eagle tour!  

So that makes the appearance of four new eaglets showing themselves for the first time over the last ten days.  I am still wondering if Varina & Enon have a second eaglet that is going to make an appearance, but time will tell.  Rebecca & John may have a second as well.  Good stuff from Jefferson's Reach on the James.  On another note, kook for the second installment of the story of Rebecca & John soon.  It's a great story about a wonderful pair of birds.  --Capt. Mike