Eagle Tour Photographer Spotlight: Steve Baranoff

December 6, 2011.  I find myself writing about the James River in ‘clumps’.  When I get enough time … I write.  With that said, after my recent ‘Fall Fishing Report’, I am following up with another blog post about some wonderful photography taken on my Bald Eagle Tour this fall.  The images in this post are the work of a photographer who has been booking Bald Eagle Tours on a regular basis.  Over the next month or two I plan to highlight the work of a few more photographers who have taken my Bald Eagle Tours.
Steve Baranoff is a nature photographer who lives in Richmond, Virginia and Austin, Texas.  He takes his talents and the lessons he’s learned throughout his life and channels it into his current work. 
And his work is very good. 
Steve worked as an electrical engineer and has perfectly combined his ‘engineering brain’ with an ‘art seed’ planted by his father, who worked as a painter, print maker and university art professor.  He is a member of many nature-based associations, including the Richmond Audubon Society, which promote stewardship and awareness of natural things.  And he freely shares his knowledge of photography and birds with his associates. 
His vision takes him into his subject’s natural surroundings, where he can capture images of birds in their habitat.  From there, he transforms his digital captures into artistic prints, shown as Bird Art.  Steve produces his own prints with archival inks and paper.  The images in this post, along with many others are available for sale through his website … BirdsInPhotos.com. 
What does Steve say about Discover The James' Bald Eagle Tours?  He states, "Capt. Mike's Bald Eagle tour is one of Richmond's hidden secrets."  
His love of photography, birding and boating makes the Bald Eagle Tour a natural way for him to capture incredible images of bald eagles (along with a few osprey, great blue heron, and even a songbird or two).  I can’t wait for him to get back from Texas so he can take some more wonderful images of the wildlife along the James River… Come on back soon Steve!      --Capt. Mike
The Photos Stories?: Top Right:  This is one of my favorite images Steve has taken, although I have to admit, there are many.  Here, one of the resident bald eagles of Jefferson's Reach is caught at the perfect moment of grabbing a meal from the James River.  Based on the ripples on the water, there may have been a good headwind (eagles usually fly into the wind when they either land, or fly in to snatch a meal on the water) and this bird may have slowed down it's process of snatching the fish.  Either way, this shot is awesome!  --Photo by Steve Baranoff
Middle Left:  Bandit, up close!  What can be said about this bird that hasn't been said (alot actually, more to come soon).  You can even see a scale in the beak.  During a fairly close up experience with Bandit this day, Steve broke out his long lens and captured this wonderful moment with this bird.  --Photo by Steve Baranoff
Lower Right:  I don't place enough immature eagle shots on my posts.  That's going to change though soon, as many wonderful shots were taken this year.  Here is a great shot of an immature flying with it's mature partent.  I believe this is Varina and her 2011 offspring, Liberty.  To read more about this immature bird, Liberty, click here (great story actually!).  
--Photo by Steve Baranoff
Lower Left: This very well could be Liberty, Varina & Enon's only 2011 offspring.  I love this image, as it shows off the inspirational markings on the underside of the wings.  It's no wonder our ancestors loved these birds so much.  Also, note the beak color.  The end of the beak is dark, meaning this immature bald eagle is a very young bird, less than two years of age.  --Photo by Steve Baranoff