DTJ Update #1

June 17, 2013.  It's been an amazing spring on the James River.  Plenty of activity.  All the eaglets have fledged in Jefferson's Reach.  As of today, I believe there are at least six new eagles flying around Jefferson's Reach.  There are still two of the five pair of resident bald eagles that could still have additional eaglets that have not come out to the river's edge yet. Bandit, unfortunately does not have any offspring again.  At eight years of age, she has had four breeding seasons with no success ... 

Maybe next year.

There are great blue heron adults and young of the year at the river's edge ... hunting for fish.  I'm also starting to notice a few new territorial heron on the river. There will never be a heron like Chuck, but it sure would be great to find another one or two to learn from.  Osprey contiue to increase.  There are at least four new opsrey nests in the between Hatcher Island and Presquile Island.  

Seeing a few red fox, white-tailed deer and owls lately too.  They are always welcome to see.  Finding new kingfisher holes along the banks, and the miner bees returned about three weeks ago .... also found along the bluffs on the river ... by the thousands.  

Also continue to meet and see plenty of great people on the river.  Most are just viewed from the boat and are in all types of different vessels.  Big boats, little boats. Kayaks, canoes and stand up paddleboards.  Even a few homemade canoe/sailing vessels.    

Lastly, I have to say one of my favorite moments was to see the first eaglet in Jefferson's Reach fledge.  She flew from the nest on June 3, 2013 and her name is Lanie. The river is magical.  --Capt. Mike 

Photo Credit:  Lanie, the first fledged eaglet of Jefferson's Reach, by Alan Polishuk.