The Bald Eagles of the James River Exhibition

April 4, 2012. Dr. Bryan Watts, director of the Center for Conservation Biology (CCB), spoke one of the greatest quotes about the James River bald eagles, summing the efforts of many great organizations.  To quote Dr. Watts ... "No other place on the continent illustrates the recovery of the bald eagle population from DDT lows better than the James River."

And now, after months of preparation and coordination, “The Bald Eagles of the James River Exhibition” is set to open this Friday. The traveling exhibit of bald eagle images by 15 photographers is sponsored by Discover the James and will initially open at:

Richmond Camera Gallery
April 6, 2012.   5-8pm
213 W. Broad Street, Richmond, VA   23220
This exhibition of photos will highlight the five pair of resident bald eagles in Jefferson’s Reach, the five-mile stretch of the James River between Deep Bottom Park and the Richmond Yacht Basin. For a wonderful story about Jefferson’s Reach, click here.
“The Bald Eagles of the James River Exhibition” is a series of about thirty 16” x 20” Gallery Wrapped images including two panoramic images. The participating photographers in the show are as follows, with their websites in (parenthesis):
Bob Jones Jr.   (
Marlene Frazier  (
Shelly Fowler (
Steve Schanzer  (
Steve Baranoff  (
Bob Schamerhorn (
Rich Young (no website yet)
Ricky Simpson  (
Mike Davies  (

The Center for Conservation Biology (CCB) will receive $40 from each image sold.  The CCB has been instrumental in the comeback of bald eagles on the James River.  Everyone involved in this project believes it is vitally important to support the CCB and their conservation efforts.  For more information on the CCB, click here.  All Gallery Wrapped Images are available for sale, with a $295 price. 

The opening is bound to be a good time, with lots of wonderful images of the James River's eagles.  I hope you find time to make it.  --Capt. Mike

The Photos Stories:  Top Left:  This is an image of the finest bald eagle on the James River, Bandit.  This bird has been the star of the River for a few years now and she continues to dazzle.  As her story is unfolds, it will soon be time to share her incredible history.  --Photo by Bob Schamerhorn

Bottom Right:  This is, I believe one of the oldest pairs of eagles in Jefferson's Reach.  They have been there for as long as I can remember.  Baba & Pops have had at least one chick the last few years.  Their nest is easily seen on the Bald Eagle Tour, and it's always a pleasure to see how quickly their chicks grow.  --Photo by Lynda Richardson