Blue Catfish

Blue Catfish Fishing Trip

Currently Booked Full through Spring of 2020.  Now taking reservations for November/December 2020 and January-March 2021.

This fishing trip is offered from a 24-foot, covered pontoon boat and is great for two to six anglers. In the 1970's the Virginia Department of Game & Inland Fisheries stocked the James with blue catfish from the Mississippi River drainage.  These blue cats continue to grow and have attained weights of 85 pounds and more. On the Blue Catfish Fishing Trip, we'll target fish from 20-50 pounds and take everything else that comes with it. There is also a good population of smaller blues.

Come and enjoy another of the James River's amazing success stories.

Along with the world class blue catfish fishery, the James River is the home of many species of wildlife. Most notable is the bald eagle and the James is considered to be the site of the greatest comeback of the bald eagle in the entire continent. In the fall, the river also has a population of Atlantic sturgeon and their numbers seem to be growing more and more.  The Atlantic sturgeon is considered to be the fish that saved Jamestown and are 5 feet to 9 feet long, and can weigh over 300 pounds.  They return from the ocean each fall to spawn in the river.   

Enjoy this fishing experience on a Half Day (5-hour) or Full Day (8-hour) trip.  
Fishing trips depart from the Richmond Yacht Basin, unless otherwise noted. 
Click on the following link for directions:  Richmond Yacht Basin, Deep Bottom Park
All fishing gear, tackle, water and snacks are provided. Limited to six passengers.
       Half-Day, 5-hour trip.  Up to three,  $450.   Additional guests, $50 each
       Full-Day, 8-hour trip.  Up to three,  $650.  Additional guests, $50 each
For more information or to book a Blue Catfish Fishing Trip:
Contact Capt. Mike at 804-938-2350 or

For information and letter writing campaign to adjust the VMRC regulation

with the new Commercial Electro Fishing for Blue Catfish

and to sign the petition,

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Top, left photo:  What is better than a double header with big blue catfish, or two on at the same time? Three big fish on at the same time, as shown here with three lucky, happy anglers.    
-- Photo by Discover the James
To the right:  What is better than having three fish on at the same time? Watching two young kids reel in a couple of them.  Yep.
-- Photo by Discover the James
What do people have to say about this trip?  WOOT WOOT!  That is the biggest fish I have ever seen, let alone caught!  WHOOOO WHOOOO! 
-- Kate W.