Scott Williams


Scott has been a Civil War reinactor for nearly 10 years and is very active in historical circles.  He has faithfully traveled around Virginia heading to reinact many of the Civil War's battles. Scott spends many a night reading books about the Civil War, and has even helped create a few too.  He is a mapmaker, and worked on the maps that grace the pages of a book about the Bermuda Hundred campaign.  Close to home, Scott enjoys working on the Discovery Barge II, giving vivid descriptions of accounts during the Civil War from nearly 150 years ago.  Scott lives in Richmond with his wife Sandy.

Photo to the left:  This is an image of your tour guide, Scott Williams, dressed in his confederate uniform at sunrise.  This image was taken during a cold, snow covered morning in January 2010.  We waited for the perfect moment, and here it is, or as close to it that we could find.  Just as the sun rose over the tree line on the north bank of the James River.  Both Scott and I hope you will join us on the river for the Civil War on the James Tour. -- Photo by Capt. Mike