Cancellation and Return Policy

The following is Discover the James' Cancellation and Return Policy.

Discover the James number one concern is safety, and weather plays a roll in every trip. Most of the time, the weather cooperates, and the trip goes on wonderfully with seasonally appropriate weather. Once in a while it takes until the day of, or morning of the tour to make a decision based on weather. If you have travel plans that might be affected from a cancelled tour, please let us know before you leave if weather seems like it may become an issue.

We try to make the best decisions to maximize enjoyment during the time on the water for our clients.  in the event a Fishing Charter or River Tour is cancelled, we will refund money that has been paid.

Discover the James will cancel a charter due to heavy rainstorms and/or lightening.  We may also have to delay or cancel due to fog.

If you have to cancel, please let us know at the earliest possible time in order for us to fill your vacated space.

Thank You.