Uncontrollable Laughter

On a beautiful September morning, a group of three women fished the James River with me for sunfish, bass and flathead catfish.  The day was great, and was highlighted by the first fish ever caught by one of the ladies.  It was a 4" redbreasted sunfish, and it truly was her first fish ever.  After catching numerous redbreasted sunfish, bluegill and smallmouth bass we paddled into the catfish waters.  Once we began fishing for flathead catfish the day got a even better, and Sheron, the lady who caught her first fish started to wear out catfish.  She caught the four of the first five cats and after that she was really hooked.  Sheron was talking to her sister, Susanne, stating she was ready to tackle the saltwater and go after marlin!

The catfishing was good, then it got better.  Sheron hooked into a fish, a big one.  Turned out to be a 22 pound catfish.  As she was fighting the first 22 pounder, her sister hooked into a fish.  As the two were close to being landed, Lynda, my wife, hooked into a catfish.  After the first one was landed, we had another fish on.  Another fish was boated, and then another one was on another line.  At this point we had two fish in the boat and three fish on lines.  Another fish was boated, and then ... you guessed it ... a sixth fish was hooked.  Over the course of about 10 minutes or so, the three ladies hooked and landed six flathead catfish with the biggest being a citation sized 27 pound fish.

As I started to load up Suzanne with the fish, she just started laughing.  No words, just laughter until it was simply uncontrolled laughter.  Lynda chimed in with a huge smile and helped hold all those fish in place.  Sheron also played a minor roll in the photo, helping hold a few fish in place as well.  This was one of the many shining moments on the river this summer.  I hope you enjoy it!  -- Capt. Mike