Kids Fishing Parties





Kids Fishing Parties

A Kid's Fishing Party on the James River is just plain fun!  They say a picture is worth a 1000 words, but a video must be worth more than that.  Check out this video (click here for video) to see the great time Jackson and his friends had on a Kid's Fishing Party on the pontoon boat.  We have two basic outings that highlight different sections of the James River ... the tidal James and the non-tidal James. These parties are offered during the spring, summer and fall.

Tidal James River - Pontoon Boat Party

Enjoy a Kids Fishing Party on the Discovery Barge II, a 24-foot, covered pontoon boat, ideal for birthday parties, friendly get-togethers, or family outings.  Fish for catfish anytime of the year, or in the spring you can catch shad, herring, striped bass, and white perch.  Watch bald eagles, great blue heron, and osprey while spending time on the historic tidal James River.  This trip is for up to six kids with chaperone.  Kids Fishing Party is a 3-hour outing.

         3-hour fishing trip for up to six ... $395
For up to six kids and chaperone.
All tackle, gear, bait, water and life preservers supplied.
This is a spring, summer and fall outing.
Wade Fish & Explore the James Kids Party

This Kids Fishing Party is ideal for groups of three to fifteen in the same age range.  While fishing for sunfish & bass kids we can take time out to flip rocks and identify different macroinvertabrates, seine for minnows & small fish and discover the critters that call the James River home.  A river adventure with plenty of opportunity to learn about the James River's environment.  

          3-hour river based party  $45 each

Minimum 4 kids.  Maximum 15 kids.
All tackle, gear, water, goggles and life preservers supplied.


For more information or to book a Kids Fishing Party:
Contact Capt. Mike at 804-938-2350 or
Top, left photo:  This is Alex who just loves to catch catfish ... and name them.  Once he named a catfish 'Bubbles' and wanted to take him home for a pet.  His dad asked what he would do with Bubbles when they got home, and Alex answered, "I'd take him up into my room and watch TV."  His dad asked what they would watch, and Alex answered, "Animal Planet." 
-- Photo by Discover the James
Lower left:  On the lower James River the wildlife viewing opportunities are fantastic.  From bald eagles, great blue heron and wild turkey, to white-tailed deer swimming across the river.  Every trip offers something wonderful for all ages. 
-- Photo by Al Warfield
Above right:  As you can see, the area we offer the Wade & Explore Fishing Party is on the safe, shallow James River. On a 'Fish & Explore' trip, this young man was focused on fishing for sunfish and smallmouth bass in the shallows.  Looks like a pretty good way to spend a summer day. 
-- Photo by Discover the James
Young Boy with a Fish on the Falls of the James
To the left:  On a 'Fish & Explore' trip, Hayden displays a nice smallmouth bass.  This picture was taken just after eating lunch on Williams Island, where the kids also flipped rocks and seined minnows.  They also learned the James River is 340 miles long, and the watershed is over 10,000 square (25% of Virginia!)."  -
- Photo by Discover the James