Future Eagle Tours

The following are 2-hour Eagle Tours open to the public.  If the boat is empty, a Private Tour is available for that date and time


2019 Eagle Tour Schedule

Private Tours ... Additional dates and times are available for Private Tours. If you do not see a particular date and time, send and email to mike@discoverthejames.com or call 804-938-2350.

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Photo Credit:  Bob Jones Jr.  Bandit, born on April 26, 2005, is shown perched at less than five years of age. This photo was taken late in the year of 2009.  At this point in her life she had a mate, a nest, and a territory.  Today, four years later, she still has a territory, has a new mate, is on her sixth nest and competets with a second female eagle, who just does not want to leave the territory.  The other female eagle has been here for over two years now.