Eagles Behind Warren's Island

This story is about a guy named Warren Foster (seen in silhouette) and the bald eagles we have been watching.  I first saw Warren's name about four years ago on a sign on the portage trail at Williams Island, a 95-acre island in the middle of the James River near Pony Pasture.  Since then, Warren and I have become good friends and lately we have been trying to make a connection with a pair of eagles on the northbank of the river, opposite his island.

Williams Island lies in the center of the City of Richmond and it has unofficially been renamed Warren's Island.  Why?  Because Warren has tirelessly been grooming the portage trail on the island for years and has been working on a path that starts at the Z-Dam on the southside and ends at Williams Dam on the northeastern side of the island.  For his volunteer cleanup efforts over the years, in 2010, the James River Advisory Council named Warren the "Guardian of The River" at their annual awards ceremony.

Behind Warren's Island, on the north bank of the river lives a pair of bald eagles, Thunderhawk & Lightning.  If you look at the image with three distinct pine trees, you can see their nest in the pine tree on the left (See the close up shot of the tree below-left).  One of the eagles is perched in the tree to the right ... but with this small image, it's hard to tell.  Look for the black speck to the right of the trunk.  The nice thing about these eagles, is that they are right around the corner from my house, or should I say, right around the river bend.  Anytime now they will hopefully begin to nest and start incubating an egg or two. 

With any luck, this established pair of eagles will have young eaglets and add to the growing population of Richmond, Virginia's bald eagles.  Or add to the population temporarily, as the young eaglets will fly off on their own this fall.  There is also a pair that seems to be nesting about a mile or two downriver, near the Nickel Bridge.  Look for more reports to come ...  --Capt. Mike