Drew Garey

Drew Garey is a professional aquatic ecologist at Virginia Commonwealth University.  He works as a laboratory manager for Dr. Leonard Smock.  Drew is also persuing a doctorate (Dr. Drew) in aquatic ecology, under the advisement of Dr. Smock and Dr. Paul Bukaveckas.  His hobbies include fishing, boating, and cooking fresh caught fish.  Drew has a passion for teaching as well as research. 

He has worked with the James River Fishing School for the last three years on a number of projects, including the Discovery@VCU's summer education program for middle school students, Fish Watching at Pony Pasture, and Fishing 101.  His major career goal is to protect and improve the condition of our natural water bodies by gaining a better understanding of how these systems work, and by sharing with others the great enjoyment of fishing and exploring streams and rivers.

It is an honor to have such a fine educator such as Drew Garey to continue his association with Discover the James/James River Fishing School.  His work with kids is second to none.  

The photo's story:  Drew is showing kids from Discovery@VCU's Go Fish program the array of aquatic creatures that inhabit Herring Creek.  As you can see, the kids are captivated by what's in his hand.  Is it a Margined Madtom or the endangered Roanoke logperch?  Hint:  Roanoke logperch only occur in small, isolate populations in the Roanoke and Chowan drainages in Virginia.