DGIF Flathead Worshop

On a hot August day, a few Department of Game and Inland Fisheries employees, myself and 14 attendees from around the state got together at Pony Pasture for the second FlatOut Catfishing workshop of 2010.  What I love so much about this program is the variety of folks who attend.  Of the fourteen attendees, only three were from the Richmond area.  There were folks from Troy, Barhamsville, Tory and Christiansburg.  I'm always amazed at how far people will travel to fish the uncomparable James River. 

This project, led by Chris Dunnavant, Angling Education Coordinator for VA, is one of my favorite adult programs.  In fact, all of Chris' events are well attended because of the attention to detail he has, and just the overall fun of fishing at his events. 


The Photos Stories?  Top Left:  Francis, one of the students in the workshop, was surprised by the powerful tail kick of the flathead catfish as she released an 18 pound fish back into the James River.

Top Right:  Bill reels in a nice fish.  This was his third or fourth fish of the day.  Bill loves catfishing and is one of my favorite people to fish with on the lower James.  In the spring of 2010, he landed his personal best ... 73 pounder!

Left: This image is a shining example of how well composed the day was.  A nice 16 pound fish proudly being diplayed after a wonderful fight.  Chris Dunnavant, once again, did a masterful job at arranging the day's fishing.  Thanks Chris from all participants!

Right:  Here is the morning instruction with a full class and most of the instructors int he background.  Barbara (lady in the middle under the tent) is a main cog in the way this event rolls.  She is the overseer of all land based actions in this event.  Thank you Barbara for once again holding down the fort while all had a great time in the James River.