Billy Nicar

Billy is an exceptional fisherman, kids fishing instructor, and all around great guy.  Billy fishes for just about any species both fresh and saltwater.  He uses conventional rod & reel as well as fly gear.  He enjoys fly tying, and is a member of many local organizations including the Virginia Anglers Club and the Coastal Conservation Association.  He also works as a volunteer for DGIF, Henrico Police D.A.R.E., and Henrico Public Schools.

Some of his accomplishments include five IGFA fly fishing tippet class world records and over 70 Virginia freshwater citations in 13 species.  That is worthy.  Nice job Billy!!

With Discover the James, Billy has taken over the "Fish Watch" program.  This kids day camp is a part of another outdoor camp run by Riverside Outfitters.  They bring kids every Wednesday and Thursday to the James River and Billy takes them out six and seven at a time to "Fish Watch".  What is "Fish Watch"?  It is the idea of taking out kids to look at all the local fish in the river.  Minnows, sunfish, bass and big flathead catfish.  It really is an amazing event to get the kids onto the water, put on polarized sunglasses glasses, get them 'dialed in' to the the river below the surface, then put on scuba masks and become one with the fishes.  Swimming in the shallows, looking for all fish, eels, crayfish, and aquatic insects.  Fish Watching is the best and Billy takes it to the highest level.

The photos stories?  Top Left: This is a great shot of Billy, who was working as a volunteer for DGIF's FlatOut catfishing workshop. Billy is a dedicated employee to Greentop Sporting Goods.  If you shop at Greentop Sporting Goods, chances are you know Billy.  He specializes in fishing and archery, so if you are in need of anything fishing or archery related, call Billy at Greentop.. -- Photo by Capt. Mike

Bottom Left:  This is where Billy shines.  Working with kids during fish watch.  Who knows where he got this big flathead from, but he aquired it somehow.  I don't see any fishing poles in that photo, so one might imagine him swimming down below, lurking in the depths when suddenly he sees something.  It's a fish ... a big one.  Slowly Billy sneaks up on the great fish and with one quick, precise, swift move of the hand and arm, he grabs the lower jaw of the fish (four fingers on the inside of the mouth and the thumb below the bottom lip).  The great fish lunges forward, but the cat-like instincts that Billy has aquired keeps him one step ahead of the fish.  They twist and tangle with each other.  The caudle fin (tail fin) hits him in the chest forcing out the last bit of air in Billy's chest but he holds onto the beast.  He feels the bottom with his foot and pushes towards the surface, breaking into the sunshine and gasps for air.  A moment later, he takes the fish over to the raft full of kids and starts to talk about how to tell the difference between a catfish and a bass.  He shows them the barbles, or whiskers, and talks of the adipose fin on the back of the flathead catfish.  Yes, Billy is an educator and he loves his fish.  -- Photo by Capt. Mike