Wildlife & History Tours

It's never too late to discover the special joy that only a day on the water can bring.  Ride aboard the Discovery Barge II, a covered, 24-foot pontoon boat. There's nothing like a day of discovery on the river, and we'd love to share that experience with you. Join us on one of our unique river tours, and experience the incomparable James River as you enjoy the company of bald eagles, great blue heron, osprey, and history.  

Discover the James' tours explore different times in history. Listen to the bald eagle's successful conservation story ... or travel back in time, to a period or event in the past and realize that you are floating perhaps on the exact same spot at Capt. John Smith or one of the famous Civil War ironclads.  Click on the tours below to ... Discover the James.

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Contact Capt. Mike at 804-938-2350 or Mike@DiscovertheJames.com
Top photo:  A combinationn of Wildlife & History in this image. The bald eagle was photographed by Marlene Frazier and the image was combined with a historical map made in 1612 by Capt. John Smith.  
--Photo by Bob Jones, Jr.

Above photo: The best time to be on the James River is whenever you can make it, but the most inspirational time (for me at least) is sunrise.  Depending on the season, it can be pretty cold out ... but it's still worth it.  Sunrises, like this December morning, have been inspiring people along the James River for over 15,000 years.  And now, if you happen to be out on the water just before sunrise, with nature's elements aligned, you too can enjoy an historic sunrise like this one too.
--Photo by Discover the James