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Welcome to Discover the James

Discover the James is your source for adventures on the James River in and around Richmond, Virginia. Our focus is to educate and inspire while viewing wildlife and history of the river during our river tours and fishing trips. The James, in many ways, is as it has been for 15,000 years, but to find it you have to look and listen to the elements around you.

Our website,, shares the available adventures of this historic river, we have developed over the last 20 years, through text, images and stories.  Discover the beauty and majesty of the James through an Eagle Tour or History Tour. Or enjoy the beauty of the James while fishing for sunfish, catfish or shad. Call or email with questions or to book a trip. 


For more information or to book an excursion:
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Top Photo: This photographic collage is a mixture of "Varina", a resident bald eagle, and the evening moon", along with Capt. John Smith's map of 1612. The photo of Varina was taken by Lynda Richardson during a Bald Eagle Tour. Varina was perched on the top of a tree, and luckily, the evening moon was setting in the southwestern sky, offering up the perfect background. --Photo by Lynda Richardson, Collage by Discover the James 

Above, left photo: A Discover the James favorite from our "kids & fishing" photos. This young angler just caught his first fish EVER and neeedless to say, he was as excited as youngster I have ever seen holding a fish! This shining moment of his "first fish" was captured forever. --Photo by Discover the James