Shad Fishing

Shad fishing on the James River is a world class fishery. In the spring, Hickory & American Shad gather on the James River right at the fall line in the heart of Richmond during their annual spawning run. During those five weeks of early spring, other fish like the river herring and white perch load up in these 

Marvel in the scenery, wildlife and history of the river on this downtown Richmond experience.

The Shad Fishing Trip is offered from late March through April. This trip is great for anglers of all ages.same fishing areas. Large striped bass will also make a showing for a short time, and schoolie sized striped bass, 14"-18" will remain in the area for a while.

You'll meet your guide at Ancarrow's Landing, located on the southside of the James River, directly across from downtown Richmond's skyline.  Departure time is usually 7AM.  Click here for directions to Ancarrow's.

        Half-Day, 4-hour trip.  One or two people,  $375.   Additional guests, $35 each.

All tackle, gear and bottled water provided.

For more information or to book a Shad Fishing Trip:
Contact Capt. Mike at 804-938-2350 or


Top right photo: Jackson holding two river herring he caught at once.  The skyline of Richmond is in the background, so you see how close to downtown these fish really are.   In Richmond, back at the turn of the 18th century, American shad and river herring were a large commodity, and the early 18th century also coincides with the beginning of their demise in numbers. Dams were built and blocked their upriver spawning grounds, reducing their habitat. Over time, their numbers were reduced to the point of a moratorium. 
-- Photo by Lynda Richardson
To the right: Andrew Campbell, shows off a beautiful American shad he had just landed on a fly.  He probably tied that fly tat 3am that same morning, the day this picture was taken.
--Photo by Discover the James 
What do people have to say about this trip?  "I like catching two fish at the same time.  Hurry up and take the picture ... I want to do it again."
-- Jax V.