Fishing 101: Wade Fishing & Exploration


Fishing 101:  Wade Fishing & Exploration

Presented by the James River Fishing School


Wade fishing 'in' the river is at the heart of this outing during this fun and informative day of fishing instruction and exploration of the shallow James River. This "group" fishing trip is great for 9-15 year olds and is booked on a custom basis, so please call or email to set up a date.

Fishing & Exploration is a wonderful way to spend the time in the James River's incredible ecosystem.  The day starts with catching minnows and flipping rocks to identify aquatic bugs.  Then we'll move into the fishing phase of the trip. Kids will get their fishing rods, and receive individualized instruction on how to cast and retrieve as needed.  They'll move around the river where the elusive smallmouth bass and redbreast sunfish hide. Kids can also swim with a mask to investigate below the surface, first hand.

A minimum of three participants is required to book this outing.

Important things to remember for this trip include ...

  • Wear closed toed shoes when wading the river.  Old tennis shoes are ideal. 
  • Socks on feet will help protect soft feet from small rocks and sand in shoes.
  • Wear a life preserver (life preservers provided).
  • Bring a lunch.
        Fishing 101, Wade Fish & Explore:  $225 (up to three), $65 each additional
This is a five hour fishing & exploration event.
All tackle, gear, life preservers and bottled water will be provided.
Trip based on river level at Westham Gauge being below 4.2 feet. Click here for Westham Gauge.
Fishing 101 is booked for groups of three or more on a custom basis.



To book Fishing 101 or for more info:

Contact Capt. Mike at 804-938-2350 or
Fishing 101 is available only as a private outing.


Top, left Photo:  A major part of the Fishing 101 program is to offer alternatives to fishing.  That's where the "Exploration" comes into play.  Here a couple of kids take a break from fishing to explore the river with a minnow seine.  
-- Photo by Discover the James
Upper left:  This is a wonderful image of 'Fish Watching'.  During the Fishing 101 camp, the kids can get a chance to do a little swimming and look for fish.  Here all the kids are looking at a smallmouth bass that is feeding on macroinvertabrates and minnows that happen to be floating down the river through a little current.  The kids are just downstream of this current the bass is working. 
-- Photo by Discover the James

Above, left image:  This is a sample 'Fin I.D.' card that is standard info during the Fishing 101 classes.  They show the different fins of a channel catfish through a wonderful illustration by Spike Knuth.  Spike is a wonderful artist who has been painting for over 50 years.  When I was ten, his paintings graced the covers of wildlife magazines I used to get in the mail.  That is good stuff. 
-- Graphic designed by Discover the James; Channel Catfish artwork by Spike Knuth